Guest and Resident Internet

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For nine years we’ve been building and operating networks in our clients’ properties to serve their guests and tenants. Every month we connect tens of thousands of unique users, with devices ranging from tablets and VoIP phones to gaming consoles … Continue reading

Hospitality IT Services

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In eight years of hospitality work, we’ve helped dozens of property owners with their planning, budgeting and execution. Our focus is on technical issues, but we understand the challenges of modern day hospitality. We work with multiple brands and independents … Continue reading

Network and Bandwidth Management

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We build and operate networks for hospitality and housing. Our clients require 24 x 7 support with no on-site personnel and we deliver the innovation to maintain that uptime without excessive cost. Using multiple ISPs, application throttling and pro-active monitoring, … Continue reading

Signage and VoD Content

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In guest rooms, lobbies and conference centers we provide customized Digital Signage, kiosks and TV content. For properties seeking a highly visible update for the lobby at a minimal cost, digital signage is an ideal solution that also promotes F&B … Continue reading